Prosopagnosia (face blindness)

Prosopagnosia in children may be overlooked; they may just appear to be very shy or slightly odd due to their inability to recognize faces. They may also have a hard time making friends, as they may not recognize their classmates. They often make friends with children who have very clear, distinguishing features. Children with prosopagnosia may also have difficulties following the plots of television shows and movies, as they have trouble recognizing the different characters. They tend to gravitate towards cartoons, where the characters always wear the same thing and have other easily recognized distinguishing features. Prosopagnosiac children may also have a hard time telling family members apart, or recognizing people out of context (e.g., the teacher in a grocery store). Additionally, children with prosopagnosia can have a difficult time at school, as many school professionals are not well versed in prosopagnosia, if they are aware of the disorder at all.

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~ People do think you may be snubbing them or stupid or mad or inattentive

~ That's why it's so important to recognize what one has, and to admit it.

To cope, people with prosopagnosia often develop workarounds. Some might focus on a person’s gait or posture, or a particularly distinctive feature.

A person with face blindness would have trouble seeing the difference between these two images.

The right face’s mouth is higher than left face’s mouth, and the eyes of the right face are farther apart than the eyes of the left face.